Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Book Plots

Book Plots

Book Plots by once-upon-a-tip on Polyvore

 (9/11- An 8 year old girl is in one of the World Trade Centers when the planes attack, and she's saved by another kid in there, an 11 year old boy. 11 years later, she sets out to find him.
*this can be a real tear jerker

(Model- A top model is in a terrible car accident, possibly putting her in a wheelchair for life. Her agency fires her for her disability, and she is determined to model again.
*I did this for an English assignment and I made the teacher cry at the ending in the middle of class

(Surf Champ- A Hawaiian surf champs soon turns into a mermaid at the touch of water (sort of like H2O)

(Cancer- A cancer treatment finds out they only have about 2 weeks to live before the cancer takes their life, and decides to live it to the fullest.
*So many different ways can be taken

(Shooting- A girl has to deal with the fact that her best friend went on a school shooting, killing her other best friend and tried shooting her, but her boyfriend saved her
*I have a draft but you're free to use(:

("Video" Game- A group of kids around the world get trapped in a virtual video game

(Lose Yourself- A kid has to deal with the fact that their best friend committed suicide.

That's all for now! I might add some more later(:

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