Tuesday, December 25, 2012



TEXT LiNGO. ♥ by the-polyvore-tips on Polyvore

lol: laugh out loud / lots of love
lm(f)ao: laughing my (f'ing) *ss off
rofl: rolling on the floor laughing
ttyl: talk to you later
ly(sm): love you (so much)
ly2: love you too
g2g/gtg: got to go
om(f)g: oh my (f'ing) god/gosh
121: one-to-one
dmc: deep meaningful conversation
convo: conversation
totes: totally
appt: appointment
ty: thank you
hru: how are you
nm: not much
idk: i don't know
brb: be right back
bff: best friends forever
ily: i love you
jk: just kidding
pov: point of view
ttyl: talk to you later
tnx: thanks
yolo: you only live once
wtf: what the fudge c;
wth: what the hell
tlc: tender loving care
tmi: too much information
l8r: later
2nite: tonight
2moro/2moz: tomorrow
wut: what
mia: missing in action
idc: i don't care
kk: okay
soz: sorry
wbu: what about you
fml: fudge my life
lml: love my life
tb(q)h: to be (quite) honest
ftw: fudge the world/for the win
nvm/nm: never mind
dm: doesn't matter
dw: don't worry
bf: boyfriend/best friend
gf: girlfriend
btw: by the way
fyi: for your information
asl?: age, sex, location?
imo: in my opinion
irl: in real life
otoh: on the other hand
plz: please
rtfm: read the f'ing manual
sfsg: so far so good
xoxo: hugs & kisses
b4n: bye for now
btdn: been there done that
coz: because
ihu: i hate you
gr8: great
amaze: amazing
stfu: shut the fudge up
cul8r: see you later
ne: any
ez: easy
fu: fudge you
f2f: face to face
atm: at the moment
asap: as soon as possible
mte: my thoughts exactly
np: no problem
tafn: that's all for now
dur: do you remember
hagn: have a good night
w/o: without
ru: are you
wuwh: wish you were here
b4: before
ppl: people
mos: mom over shoulder
dos: dad over shoulder
prw: parents are watching
sec: second
cm: call me
yr: your / why are
n: and
r: or / are
txt: text
d/de: the
@: at
time: tears in my eyes
cu: see you
yoyo: you're on your own
sal: such a laugh
afair: as far as i remember
afaik: as far as i know
sos: sibling over shoulder
kmn: kill me now

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