Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Katniss Diet

The Katniss Diet

The Katniss Diet by demigod-tip-girls on Polyvore

 WWKE? What Would Katniss Eat?;; Before eating something, think: Would Katniss be able to eat this? Is it something you could find in a District?
For example: Berries. Plain? Fine. With sugar, etc? No.

Capitol Days;; Each day, you can have one splurge item. Have you been craving that cookie? Have one. That's the key of any diet- don't hold yourself back entirely, let yourself splurge, but only a little- if you have more than one, you'll keep wanting more(and we all know you won't lose weight that way.).

This tip was really short, but that's really it! :) Any questions?? Comment.

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