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How to spice up a school uniform ♥

How to spice up a school uniform ♥

How to spice up a school uniform ♥ by the-polyvore-tips featuring an Urban Decay eyeliner

 H A I R ; ;

Hair is a great way to make your uniform look better. Some schools have restrictions on hair-dye, so make sure you don't dye it unless you know that your allowed. Experiment with some different hairstyles and accessories. Flowers, patterned grips, and hairbands all look great! Here's a collection of our hair tips if you need some inspiration: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1705946

M A K E - U P ; ;

If your school allows make-up and you wear it, this is a good way to express yourself. Make sure you don't cake yourself in it though, and don't make it too wild either. If your not allowed wear make-up, you could just wear some lip balm or a hint of lipgloss. Wear nail polish if your allowed it, if not you could just wear clear.

J E W E L L E R Y ; ;

If you have a uniform, jewellery is your best friend! It's a great way to make your uniform look better. Some schools don't allow jewellery {my primary only allowed stud earrings and watches} so take advantage of what your allowed to wear, and wear it!

J A C K E T S / H O O D I E S ; ;

At our school, everyone wears brightly coloured jackets and hoodies over our uniform. If you have a school jacket, I'm afraid you'll have to wear it, but you could try accessorizing it with badges or pins!

S C H O O L B A G ; ;

Buy a bright schoolbag and decorate it with key-rings and badges. Buy a nice pencil case too and you could put key-rings and badges on that as well!

S H O E S ; ;

Get shoes that you like. I'd recommend getting a good pair, and then a few cheap ones from say New Look or Primark, but you should have at least two in case anything happens your first pair. You could buy cool patterned laces {I have pink leopard print ones!}, draw on them, or get your friends to sign them!

T I G H T S / S O C K S ; ;

If you have to wear tights, make sure you get at least three pairs in case they rip. If your allowed, get cool colours or patterns. If you can wear socks, knee-high ones look great! If your school has trousers just pick some nice socks, trainer ones are cute.

O T H E R ; ;

Wear bright scarfs, hats, gloves, and arm warmers. At our school, we wear bright tank tops under our uniform and pull them down so that you can see some of it under the jumper. If you have a white shirt, you could do this too so that the colour of the top comes through. If you have a long sleeved top, you could try pulling it up to your elbows. Wear a nice perfume and/or deodorant.

I think that's everything! Any other ideas, comment below! :)

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