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// 13 DIY Christmas Trees // 1: Spool Trees

// 13 DIY Christmas Trees // 1: Spool Trees

// 13 DIY Christmas Trees // 1: Spool Trees by the-finger-tips on Polyvore

 13 DIY Christmas Trees!!
The first one will be...


This one is a bit harder to create, so here's the official website-

What you need::
25 Skinny wooden Spools (wood)
1 Wood Mini Spool
1 vintage Wooden Spool
1 Crystal Star Trinket Pin
(approx.) 12 inches of cream ruffled edge trim

1. Punch 5 Circles, one each of the following sizes. .5",  .75", 1", 1.25", 1.5" from the manilla folder.  Using the folder provides a stiff circle to hold the spools together and worked well to hold the trinket pin in place.

2. Cut 26 .5 inch x 1.25 inches strips from book pages and one .75 inch x 2 inches strip from the music paper

3. Wrap all the mini wooden spools with your text paper.  *note use a mini spool to top your tree to give it a bit more weight.  You could use a skinny spool too*  Wrap the Vintage wood spool with music paper.

4. Starting with the 1.25 punched manilla folder circle, glue 11 skinny mini spools to the outside edge using a strong liquid glue.  Glue 1 inch manilla folder circle to the top of the skinny spools.

5.  Add next layer of 8 skinny wooden spools to the 1 inch circle.  Glue the .75 inch manilla circle on top the spools and add last layer of 6 skinny mini spools.

6. Glue .5 inch circle to the top of the spools & add the single mini wooden spool.  Glue the entire piece to the vintage wooden spool.

7. Add glitter glue to all the edges of the spools to give it a little sparkle.

8. Take the 1.5 inch punched circle and working from the outside in, glue the small ruffle trim in layers to create the tree skirt.  Three layers is all you need, leaving a small circle for the wooden spool.

9.  Glue the wooden spool to the tree skirt. Wrap baker's twine around the vintage spool and tie it in a bow.

10.  Print out your holiday sentiment on cream cardstock.   Trim to a banner piece leaving a little excess off the left side of the printed title.  Add glitter glue to the banner & let dry.

Wrap the banner piece around the stick pin and glue the excess to the printed title.  
Add stick pin to the top of the three.

You're done! :)

Sorry if this was confusing, but if you want to try this out, great!

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