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PRETTiER iN A WEEK♥ by the-tip-direction on Polyvore

 So I'm starting this off with a little note...
This is just a tip to enhance your natural beauty, so you can become more confident (this is also a tip for me to pay attention to) and feel good in your own.
And this is not day by day, but things that if you do them every day, you'll see a lot of improvement in a week.

♥Brush your teeth:
-when you wake up
-after breakfast
-after lunch
-after school
-after dinner
-before bed

♥eat strawberries and lemons, as they make your teeth whiter :)


-25 squats

-25 trunk twists for each side

-25 sit-ups

♥Give at least 1O compliments a day :)

♥ Brush your hair 200 strokes a day.. bonus points if you do more!!

♥Wash your face with an exfoliant every night to get the dead skin and pimples off your face. BUT before, take off your makeup. Clinique makes this amazing makeup removing foam wash. It's a little expensive, but it lasts FOREVER.

♥Use maybelline baby lips. Apply every 30 minutes-ish. Even if you're prone to dry lips, this keeps them soft and kissable.

♥Wash your hair as much as you can. If it begins to get too dry, leave on a hydrating mask. I usually just load my head with hydrating conditioner, and wrap it in plastic wrap for 15 minutes.

♥Moisturize like crazy every night. Over-moisturize. Itll leave you soft and dewy the next day.

♥Kick picking habits. Whether its pimples, naail skin, lip skin, or nails. Kick them.

♥Paint your nails a different color every day.

♥Drink a soothing tea before bed.. without sugar or caffeine. I reccomend one with chamomolie+mint, as I do.

♥Wake up earlier so you don't feel rushed, and you'll have more time to get ready and feel presetable, leaving you more amiable and less cranky throughout the day.

And the reason I said get prettier in just a week, doesn't mean you should stop this. I do this every day. I mainly said a week, because habits start to form after a week.

What are your suggestions? I may add them with credit to you!♥

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