Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to make mini dreamcatchers

How to make mini dreamcatchers

How to make mini dreamcatchers by demigod-tip-girls on Polyvore

 BEFORE I START, those numbered pictures will help you a lot. Describing how to make a dreamcatcher is pretty hard.

ALSO: Please note that this is for a mini dreamcatcher and it'll be pretty small.

Hopefully the tip will make up for the terrible set.


An old bangle or some wire
fake feathers

STEP 1 1/2) If you're using wire, make a circle of wire. Make sure that it goes around twice (so it's two circles of wire on top of each other), rather than once. Cut the wire (careful!) and twist the ends together.

STEP 1) Cut about 6 feet of string for your dreamcatcher. If it's larger, use more string. It's better to have too much string than not enough. Tie a slip knot around your bangle/wire hoop.

STEP 2) This is the hard part. The stitch. Refer to the 3rd and 4th pictures if you need help.

Loop the string around the bangle about 3 inches from where you started. It will make a hole. Go through the hole from the top. Repeat this step four or five times until it looks like the 5th picture.

STEP 3) Keep repeating the step, but this time in the middle of the stiches you just made. Keep moving inward. If you'd like beads within the web, do the stitch normally, but string on a bead.

STEP 4) Continue the stitch until you can't do it anymore. Thread on a bead, then tie it down on a nearby stitch. Cut off excess string.

STEP 5) Cut more string of various lengths. Thread on as many beads as you like. If you want them to be in specific spots, glue them there. Tie the string to the feathers.

STEP 6) Once you've decorated the strings to how you like, tie them onto the bangle/wire hoop. Put the shorter ones on the sides and the longer ones toward the middle.

And there you go!

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