Saturday, November 24, 2012

{ How to earn money }

{ How to earn money }

{ How to earn money } by tippers featuring suede shoes

 Here are some ways to earn money ::
« babysit!
babysitting can earn you lots of money depending on who you babysit. Plus, it's sorta fun having kids around you for a couple hours
« chores
chores stink, yeah I have then too. But allowance can get you pretty far money wise. Depending on how much your parents pay you, your money savings can add up each month.
« selling things online
If you have things you don't really like or use any more, you could go no e-bay or amazon and sell your things. At least someone on the big internet world will want to buy it!
« garage sales
You can ask your parents to make a garage sale, because then you can take all your old junk you don't need anymore and sell it at a garage sale!
« you could ( and you saw this coming ) get a job!
With a job, you get paychecks, and you earn money... yeah.
« your could pet sit
Its just like babysitting! but, with a little more mess.
« lemonade stands
hahahahahaha maybe it sounds childish, but I've earned a couple good bucks from lemonade stands
Well, I probably forgot something so, I might add on some more later. But for now, those are a couple ways to earn money! Hope you liked!

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