Saturday, November 24, 2012

DIY: string friendship bracelet

DIY: string friendship bracelet

DIY: string friendship bracelet by amazingtipgirls featuring a twisted friendship bracelet

 What you need;
Parcel string. (The thin one, the thick string will be just too much. You can also get it in like a candy cane design.)
Colouring pens.
What to do:
O1. Cut three lengths of string, enough to go around your wrist, once or twice, however many times you want.
O2. Tie them together at one side, then tape onto something solid, like a table etc.
O3. Begin braiding the string and if you want you can add beads and charms.
O4. Once you're done braiding, tie it at the other end to secure it.
O5. If you get the plain string, i recommend colouring it in. Even though it looks great without, you have loads, why not colour it in? :L
There you are!
To tie it i wrapped another piece of string around both ends and tied it three times. But you can add loops to the end of it, if its easier.
Have fun!

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