Saturday, November 24, 2012

Easy Handmade Gifts

Easy Handmade Gifts

Easy Handmade Gifts by thelovelytipladies on Polyvore

 O1 . Make a lollipop tree ! You would need :
~Lollipops {Obviously!}
~A pot
~A ball of styrofoam
~Ribbon {Optional}
~Paint/s {Optional}
~Sticker/s {Optional}
~Marker/s {Optional}
First things first , just so you dont get your lollipops painted or marked , decorate the pot if you want to . When complete , put a ribbon around the top and tie it to a bow to make it adorable ! This is an optional part :) Next , place the styrofoam ball on the pot {when dry if you painted it} and make sure it fits . Then carefully insert lollipops on the styrofoam from bottom to top , but go around like in a circle . Finally , your finished !

O2 . If your a good writer , this would definitely work ! So , it's Moms/Dad's/Best Friends Birthday , and you have NO IDEA what to give them . Well , I've got something for you ! Write a poem or letter ! A poem would be so cute and make sure its super sweet {Ex~ Beautiful had no meaning , till I met you . } . A letter would be such and "Awe" thing for your BFF {Ex~ I remember when I first met you , I knew we'd be BBF's from the start . Soon after that , we had amazing times together and I know nobody can ever make them so special or fun like we did . }

O3 . If your a sculpture , sculpt something . If you don't have any clay , go buy some at Micheal's or the nearest crafts store near you ! Maybe you can make a heart shaped piggy bank or their favorite cartoon character {Ex~ Spongebob or Hello Kitty}

O4 . An amazing cake pop stand ! Omg , no idea what to bring to the party at class . Ding ! Cake pops ! Here's how to make em ! But first , use the items from the lollipop tree except the lollipops of course to make the cake pop stand . First , bake a cake . Any flavor you like . Then , add 2 cups of frosting of any kind . Use your hands to mix together the frosting and cake to form a cake pop batter . Next form your batter into small balls , about 3-4 tablespoons each . Once you have formed them {a normal size cake will make around 50 pops} put them in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours or the freezer for half and hour or so . While they are in there , you can get your candy melts {Ex~ chocolate} and make one {Ex~ chocolate melted} . Then , grab a cake pop and push the stick to the middle of a cold cake pop. Dip the pop in the melted substance {Ex~ the melted chocolate} . Once that is done , take out the cake pop from the substance and let any excess substance drip off before placing it .
You will need to leave the pops in the foam for a while so the chocolate stays still . Once the chocolate is set these are ready to serve to your classmates !

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