Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Angel Challenge

The Angel Challenge

The Angel Challenge by the-fabulous-tip-girls featuring flower jewelry

 So, I just had this random idea that I thought I would share with you. Here is the challenge:
~O1 week:
Monday, Tuesday && Wednesday:
~If you don't have after school activities workout for 1 hour, if you do adjust to maybe only 45 or 30 minutes of workout time.
Make a pattern using;;
-Crunches, using legs or anything else additional
-Jump roping
-Knee lifts
-Jumping jacks
&&be sure to stretch as well

~No mean words shall come out of your mouth. Which means no gossip, nothing negative for a whole week

~No talking back to parents for the challenge. Do your chores, smile, talk to your parents, etc.

~Compliment people

~Write 5 things you love about yourself and place in a jewelry box, and this will be your angel box

~Go to sleep an hour to a half hour earlier (I know that you are tired in the morning)

~No junk food for the whole week :O

~No swearing for the whole week

Do the "angel challenge" one week per month, or more!

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