Saturday, November 24, 2012

- How to : Earn More $$

- How to : Earn More $$

- How to : Earn More $$ by teen-advice-and-style featuring beauty products

 - Parents. ☆
Your biggest source of getting some cash! Ask them about allowance, yard work, chores, food shopping and other help and they might be able to give you some cash.

- Neighbors. ☆
Do you have neighbors? Ask them if you could mow their lawn, walk their dog, or plant some flowers. Over the summer a lot of people are working so they might not be able to do all the things that they want to do so, ask them if they need a hand and charge a certain price per hour. { Check with your parents for rates. }

- Babysitting. ☆
Talk to your parents about becoming CPR certified and getting a certificate. When you do you can earn LOTS of money! Set up signs in shoprite and around town and trust me, you will get customers! { My old babysitter got paid $50 to watch me for a few hours, imagine what you could earn in two weeks! }

- Food Sales. ☆
Lemonade, baking, cookies, ice cream, candy, and any other goodies will reel people on in the hot summer! * Make everything homemade and sell them in little bags with tags. People will want more and more. Take your time and have your parents help you with more food ideas. Also, get a popular place where everyone will pass by but, get permission first!

- Tutoring // Summer Reading Help. ☆
Me and a friend plan to do this over the summer and tutor smaller kids! Set up signs EVERYWHERE and pick a spot where you can bring supplies and meet the parents. { Library , Park , Etc; }

- Friendship Bracelets. ☆
You can find tutorials on Youtube. * *
Simple ones can only take half an hour! Sell them around school and to your friends for a few dollars. Make sure to take your time when making them and add beads // metallic string to make them more custom and appealing!

- Ebay // Garage Sales // Craigslist. ☆
SELL< SELL < SELL! One day, go through your whole room and find the stuff you don't want or need. Make sure that other people would want it too. { No holes, stains, tears, scratches } Also, when selling clothes wash them before selling! *
Then find a site and sell away!

- Car washes. ☆
All you need is a hose, soap, car wax, and some friends. Set up sign with prices a week before and have fun! Make sure your customers are happy and get a cleaned car!

- Contests. ☆
On a lot of sites you can enter art and writing pieces and you will get paid. Search on { Google } contests and magazines near you.
* I have entered a few but make sure they are legit!

- . ☆
This site is a LEGIT site that you can earn money. * Don't lie about your age! All you need is an email and { sometimes a parent } but, you can earn FAST money by taking surveys.

- Report Card. ☆
Like some people { me too! } You can get paid by your report card. In my house it goes like this
For each A : $2
For Each B : $1
All A's Bonus : $5
Ask your parents because for most of you there is still one report card left! Over the year I have earned a lot with this.

- . ☆
You can go to Micheal's Craft Store and pick up some jewelry craft supplies. Then, create an account and start selling! It could be a blast! (:

- Loans. ☆
This isn't always the best choice but, if you PROMISE to pay your parents // siblings back then go for it! My mom is lending me $75 and whenever i get allowance i give it to her, and mark it on the calender!

- DiY Stand. ☆
Make homemade creams, lipgloss, nail polish, and more! Set it up with your friends and find more DiY ideas right here on Polyvore!

- Grandparents. ☆
Ask your grandparents if you could shop for them or clean their house. Work extra hard and in the end, it will be worth it!

- SAVE. ☆
Save your money. If you want more money then don't buy like crazy and store it away in jar. * Trick : If you don't bring your money then you can't spend it so, keep your $$ in a save wallet at home!

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