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earning MONEY without a job ♥

earning MONEY without a job ♥

earning MONEY without a job ♥ by the-polyvore-tips featuring a haircare

 so, a job is probably the best way to earn money, but because of your age and school, this can be hard. so, here are some ways to earn money!

+ eBAY: sell items that you don't want anymore on ebay! ask your friends and family if they have anything they don't want and if you can sell it!

+ BABYSiTTiNG: babysit for your relatives before babysitting other kids so you have some more experience!

+ DOG-WALKiNG: not only do you get money, you also burn calories and get to mind cute dogs! :)

+ PETSiTTiNG: take care of someone's pet! it could be pretty difficult, but you'll most likely make lots from it.

+ ETSY.COM: is a website where you can sell all handmade items!

+ ADSENSE: if you link adsense with your youtube, blogspot, etc. you'll receive money in returning for showing advertisements on your page!

+ SECOND-HAND SHOPS: try selling your old things in second-hand shops rather than ebay. books are good to sell, and you could try selling your old school books! just make sure you don't need them anymore!

+ CHORES: ask your parents if they'll pay you for doing random chores around the house! or you could do chores for other people too, put an advertisement in a local supermarket or your school with your contact information.

+ YARD/GARAGE SALE: have a yard/garage sale to get rid of old stuff. if you don't think you'll have enough to sell, ask your family and friends if they want to sell things too!

+ STANDS: set up a stand outside selling food or crafts.

+ TUTORiNG: tutor younger children! just make sure it's a subject that you like and that you're good at it.

+ SELL PLASMA: it may not sound like a fun way to make money, but you can make quite a lot from it! it takes time, and i think you have to be over eighteen though.

+ GO FUND ME: if you're raising money for something important than try , people can donate to you!

+ GIVE LESSONS: give music or sports lessons to younger kids!

+ GiGWALK: i don't know much about it since i don't have an iphone, but from what i've read it's an app that gives payment for you doing random tasks in your area.

+ SWAPPING PARTiES: okay, these don't really help you make money, but you can save money! rather than selling your old things, have a 'swapping party' with your friends. tell them to bring all their old, unwanted items to your house and you can swap!

+ PHOTO-SHOOTS: if you have a good camera and you're a good photography, you could try doing photo-shoots! don't charge much, people aren't going to want to pay a lot of money unless you're a professional. or you could offer the photo-shoot for free and they have to pay a few cents for each photo they want!

+ HOUSE-SiTTiNG: offer to 'house-sit' for people while they're away: water their plants, take in their post, etc.

+ MANiCURES: if you're good with nails, you could do cheap manicures/pedicures!

+ GOOD GRADES: see if you can work out a deal with your parents where you get a small amount of money for each A you get.

+ BLOGGiNG: make a blog with open it up with google advertising! making the money might be slow, but it adds up!

+ MARKETS: join/start a market and sell your crafts and food!

+ FACEPAiNTiNG: if you're good at it, then do facepainting in a local busy area or at local events.

+ BUSKiNG: sing, play instruments, dance, do acrobats, etc. on the street. leave a basket or something in front of you so people will {hopefully} give you money! just make sure that it is legal to busk where you are doing so!

okay, that's all i got! if you know anything else, feel free to comment(:

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