Saturday, November 24, 2012

earning money(:

earning money(:

earning money(: by thtipgirls15 featuring American Eagle Outfitters beauty products

 When, you at the mall checking out those brand-spanking new $5O a&f jeans and you head to the cash register. Then, it hits you. You were saving up for a Mac. Uh-Oh! Those jeans look awesome! But you need a new computer your other one broke. &&+ that was your last $5O from christmas. ANDD. you promised your grandma you would put it towards a MAC. +PLUS you don't have a job your under-age. BUT, that is what you think. I can help.

{money}it's everywhere. But you have to work for it. It doesn't grow on trees.

O1; allowance(: I don't get it because I am going to australia. &&+ its an expensive trip. But have a chat with your parents and talk about maybe if you made your lunch everyday when you would normally buy. THAT's IF they give you lunch money. Then they could pay you. Not the school.

O2; Pet-sitting &+ Dog walking(: This is for you if you love animals. Make sure you live in a neighborhood that has lots of animals. LiKE if your neighboors HATE dogs(who would?) ANDD. have a lot of kids maybe you should consider babysitting. BUT, if you want to start dog walking you NEED to pick up the poo. Even, if it is NASTY:( Then again my BFF got paid $75 to watch 2 rats for 2 weeks.

O3; Baby-sitting(: Usually a good way to earn money. Most people charge $6 an hour. Lets say the parents are out till 11pm &+ they leave at 6pm. Ch-ching! $30. It's even better if they have 2 kids. But give them a discout. $1O an hour. Cha-ching-Cha-ching. A GRAND TOTAL OF $5O! Make sure you take a course at your local red-cross. Never invite your friends over or else they will think you are having too much fun and not watching their kid/kids enough.

O4; Sell your stuff(: On ebay or at a local consignment shop. This can make a few quick bucks. :)

O5; Shovel Driveways(: Perfect in this kind of weather. Can pay up to about $2O for a normal sized driveway. But, it can be nasty when it's cold. Wear layers. +PLUSS gloves,hats,scarves, etc. (:

ANDD. do some smart shopping(:


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