Saturday, November 24, 2012

Herringbone nails!

Herringbone nails!

Herringbone nails! by amazingtipgirls featuring a nail lacquer

 O1.Take a section of nail strips from the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Manicure kit and cut them in half long ways. You can also do this with tape, but I like using these because they’re pre-cut and fit together perfectly. It would be hard to get this precise with DIY nail stickers, but you can try!

O2Next, cut those two in half short ways (following the lines of the nail strips). This will give you four sections of nail strips as seen in photo 2.

O3.Paint those four sections of nail strips any color you want!

O4. Now you’ll start laying them down in the traditional herringbone pattern (see image).

O5. Lay down the next set just above that. You want to overlap a little like I did with the gold in photo 5.

O6. Keep going til you reach the top. Take a clean paintbrush and push the sides down. Go around the entire perimeter of the nail.

O7. Use your cuticle nippers to clean up the excess.

O8. Add a quick drying clear coat.

And your done!

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