Saturday, November 24, 2012

49 fun things to do with your BFFs

50 fun things to do with your BFFs

50 fun things to do with your BFFs by demigod-tip-girls on Polyvore

 1.) Go swimming.

2.) Shop till you drop!

3.) Put your favourite CD into a stereo and listen and/or dance to the music.

4.) See a movie together. I've done this tons of times this year and last year, and I assure you it is really, really fun.


6.) Bake something yummy like cookies, cupcakes, pie, etc.

7.) Go on a bike ride.

8.) Watch a DVD.

9.) Fangirl over your favourite actor/actress or ship in your favourite TV show/movie.

10.) Have a sleepover.

11.) Have a pillow fight.

12.) Make friendship bracelets.

13.) Learn how to ride horses.

14.) Make your own super, secret club. (That's always fun)

15.) Make a book club.

16.) Create your own, new official language.

17.) Make pizzas.

18.) Make your own ice cream sundae bar! (Yummy!)

19.) Go rollerblading.

20.) Plan a yearly get together.

21.) Plan a surprise party for someone.

22.) Have a crafts day. Get all your creative juices flowing.

23.) Wear loud hats, for no apparent reason at all.

24.) Make a short movie or funny video and post it on YouTube. You never know. You and your BFFs might just be the next big Internet sensation.

25.) Take dance lessons. I suggest trying something different, like belly dancing or Bollywood dancing.

26.) Play pranks on each other or other family members.

27.) Try on different dresses. (If your like me, you'd find this one quite tedious.)

28.) Make a polyvore set together.

29.) Prank call a bunch on randoms, the pizza delivery place or you local phone company. (Vodaphone, Telecom, etc.)

30.) Bowling.

31.) Hack each other's Facebook accounts.

32.) Watch Doctor Who for 24 hours straight.

33.) Read magazines.

34.) Play a game of charades.

35.) Make s'mores! :D

36.) Do each other's hair and makeup.

37.)  Ding song ditching. (Only do this one if you and your friends are fast runners.)

38.) Boardgames!

39.) Non-stop Harry Potter marathon. (POTTERHEADS FTW!)

40.) Write a story. Each person  could write a chapter each!

41.) Make a macaroni sculpture. (That brings back old memories)

42.) D.I.Y clothes

43.) Hold your own Project Runway competition, where you make outfits out of old newspapers.

44.) Go on a Wikipedia Scavenger hunt. Start by looking up the first thing that comes to your mind, then only click on other Wikipedia links.

45.) Answer questions on Yahoo Answers. Claim to be an expert in Fromology (the study of cheeses).

46.) Go through your neighbors trash, if you and your friends feel like being a stalker.

47.) Invent your own secret handshake.

48.) Play a game of man hunt, spotlight, hide and go seek, etc.

49: Write a poem.

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