Saturday, November 24, 2012

earning money in the {summer}

earning money in the {summer}

earning money in the {summer} by tip-princesses featuring Urban Decay beauty products

 ♥ IDEAS ♥

~mow lawns

~walk dogs

~look after pets for people

~clean houses

~wash cars (and bikes)

~recycle (you can actually earn a lot of money from this if you do it often)


~house-sit (while they’re on vacation, take care of their house, keep it clean, water their plants, etc.)

~do peoples’ nails (it’s fun and you can charge a reasonable amount)

~do extra chores (help out your parents and earn some money with really simple things like loading the dishwasher or drying afterwards)

~have a garage sale (a great way to get rid of things you don’t need or want and earn some money)

~set up a lemonade stand (grab a friend and have fun, then just split the money)

~have a bake sale

~organize rooms (for your friends with messy rooms, offer to organize them…or if your parents have an office, offer to organize it…only do this if you like/are okay with organizing, don’t do it if you don’t like it ☺ )

~**if your birthday is in the summer…have a toonie party or just a party usually some people bring you money and gift cards….HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ☺

~sell crafts (make something and sell it ☺ )

~ask your parents for allowance (make an allowance with your parents and hopefully you’ll get a lot! ;) )

~hope to find a lucky penny on the ground ;) jk!
Well, I guess you could be one penny richer so sometimes that counts… ;)

**credit to go there for a few more ideas ☺ some of these were thought up by yours truly ;) **

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