Saturday, November 24, 2012

// Getting your crush to like Y O U ♥

// Getting your crush to like Y O U ♥

// Getting your crush to like Y O U ♥ by the-polyvore-tippersx featuring forever 21

 So, you have a crush. You want him to genuinely like YOU.

~Become friends;
Be friendly with him! Talk to him in class or in the hallway. Be nice and have a conversation with him! The better of friends you are, the more he knows you, which means he'll maybe begin to like you and your personality! Sit next to him at lunch. Talk to him and talk to his friends too! He'll like the fact that you talk to his friends too. When you see him at football games or anywhere else, hug him!

~Appearance ;
Don't change who YOU are just to impress a guy. But you still want to have a good appearance. Boys like girls who smell good. Don't over-do it though because if you have a lot of perfume on, its like a repellent to boys. Boys also don't like a lot of makeup. If you feel more confident wearing a lot of makeup, go ahead. but maybe tone it down just a little. Try going for a more natural look. I would recommend wearing a glittery light colored eyeshadow, brown eyeliner (just on the lid!), mascara and a peach or clear lip gloss. Make your outfits cute too. You don't have to be uncomfortable though. Dress in something comfy and just spice it up a little! Like if you normally wear a t-shirt and skinny jeans with sneakers, try adding a scarf or a necklace and replacing the sneakers for flats, flat boots, or cute sandals. You don't want to look like you're trying too hard either.

~Getting closer ;
Okay, so now you're friends with him and you hang out and talk at school. Maybe try texting him now! Just one day at school approach him and say "Hey, we should make some plans sometime to hang out! What's your number?" or something of that sorts. Then you can text him. Just have a normal conversation. (Comment if you need help for conversation ideas and I can make another tip.) After awhile ask to hang out. Make it subtle and nice. Try "If you're free Saturday night, would you wanna go see a movie? :)"

~Telling him you like him ;
Okay, you're friends, you hang out and you have his number.Telling a boy you like him isn't as terrifying as it sounds. Guys won't get creeped out or back away any. If you don't wanna tell him directly, ask one of your friends to drop a subtle hint like "Oh my gosh, you guys are adorable. When are you gonna start dating?!" Sometimes this is risky though. The best thing to do is tell him yourself. But you have to time it right. See if hes into YOU first. You don't wanna get hurt. SIGNS TO TELL IF HE LIKES YOU! If he likes you, he will probably touch you. (In a friendly way, like touching your hair or your arm or sitting really close to you. He'll also feel more comfortable around you and show his soft side more. Now you can tell him you like him!

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