Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to raise a lot of money: Tip #73

How to raise a lot of money: Tip #73

How to raise a lot of money: Tip #73 by polyvoretips featuring roman gladiator sandals

 *If you're 16 or older, try to get a job. Even if it's just a cheap one, if you keep saving, the money will add up!

*Car wash! Really fun way to get a lot of money. Ask stores if you can have a car wash in their parking lot. If yes, make large signs that say car wash & the price on it. Try to get a bunch of your friends to help, and have fun with it!
If you're happy with the money results of that car wash, have another one, in a different location! :)

Go through EVERYTHING you have. Try to pick out valuable items (that you of course don't want anymore) and post it up on Ebay for a reasonable price.

*Street performing!
You have to be careful with this, but it's a lot of fun :)
If you're good at singing, dancing, playing an instrument, try it!

*Recycle. Gather all the empty containers in your house that can be recycled, and go to those places where they pay for your recyclables.
When I lived in Oregon, they would have these machines all over the place where you could just drop in the recyclable stuff, and it automatically gave you money.
If you're not sure where you can do that where you live, look it up!

*Check for money under the couch cushions and your washer and dryer. You might find a few bucks! haha

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