Saturday, November 24, 2012

- decorating your R O O M for winter. // ♥

- decorating your R O O M for winter. // ♥

- decorating your R O O M for winter. // ♥ by tips-for-real-girls featuring flower hair accessories

 O1. LiGHTS. // ♥
- buy some decent priced fairy lights. Place them around your bed, window, cork board, or string them across your wall (:

- gather white paper and cut them into squares. Fold it a couple times and cut out random spots, unfold and you have a pretty snowflake (: Place along your walls (:

- If you have a chandelier, it would be really cool to hang ornaments on it (: Or you could buy a mini Christmas tree and hang them on that, i'd place the mini tree on my desk or night stand.

O4. CANDLES. // ♥
- i'd only do this if you are a safe person (:
place some candles on your night stand or shelves. Target has some cute shaved candles in shapes of owls (:

-get a large clear bowl and fill it with peppermints and candy canes (:

O6. PiLLOWS. // ♥
- buy new christmas pillows, or cut up old sweaters and sew it around an old pillow. It'd be a soft and cozy pillow (:

O7. ART. // ♥
- take black and white photographs to hang on your wall. Or paint some winter themed art (:

- just place a couple around your room.

O9. SCENTS. // ♥
- buy some winter, christmas scented sprays. They have some good ones at Bath and Body Works.

1O. MUSiC. // ♥
- not exactly decor, but it helps set the theme (:
jb has his christmas cd, if you're a fan (:

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