Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tip 2 - Making Money

Tip 2 - Making Money

Tip 2 - Making Money by wishon11stars featuring a rose gold diamond necklace

 Making Money( I hope this helps)

•*help your neighbors- feed pets, get mail, water plants and grass and ask if you can walk their dogs(if any)
•* run a garage sale- gather up the things that you don’t use and sell them for donations or help someone else sell there stuff.
•* car washes- fun way on a hot summer day with friends!!
•* help younger people learn things you are good at (piano,tennis,sewing,dancing,etc.)
•* BABYSIT- start with going to a house prepared( with a liscense)- knowing the kid(s) name(s), ages, and bring something that you can do with the kids. When you get there ask for bedtimes,allergies, what they should eat, when they should eat, emergency fone numbers, what they are allowed to do, etc… Depending on the amount of kinds and the time you babysit them, come up w/an amount of money. Most parents will ask your charge….Start out with about $3-$5 per hour. I babysit 2 kids and a dog often and I usually ask for $5-$8 per hour because they are not the easiest kids to watch… Usually I get more money than I expect but the money you should expect should grow as your experience does. I learned this from a friend a few days ago but when you receive money do not count it in front of the kids’ parents wait until you get in the car or get home…
•*Ask your parents for a list of things that you can do- I get a lot of money this way! I have 6 siblings so there is always something that my mom needs to get done… Ask to clean the kitchen($5 maybe) organize stuff( depends on the amount and what) mow the lawn($10) help siblings($5) rake leaves$5-$8) clean messy areas($7) etc.
•*Make a stand- lemonade stand, hot chocolate, coffee, jewelry, zipper pulls, tshirts, and little homemade/decorated bags,… etc…

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