Saturday, November 24, 2012

DIY T-Shirt Quilt *by Lindsay*

DIY T-Shirt Quilt *by Lindsay*

DIY T-Shirt Quilt *by Lindsay* by thehowtogirlies featuring embroidered shirts

 Well, here's a cool project that will help you get rid of all those t-shirts without throwing them away! It's also a great memorabilia item if you're going off to college for your dorm.

Here's how to make the T-Shirt Quilt!

What you'll need:
♡ t-shirts, washed without fabric softner
♡ fusible backing, light to mid-weight
♡ quilt batting
♡ Backing fabric(s)

Here's how to make it(:
1. Pull out all of the shirts you think you want to use. Possibly leaving some out if the color's don't go with the rest, are too beat up, are too different in weight.
2. Locate the skinniest shirt and use that as a (maximum) template width for all of your squares. 3. Decide on the dimensions of your quilt.
4. Cut off sleeves and collars of t-shirts, then cut up sides and across shoulder seams so you have a flat front and back.
5. Using your determined square size, start cutting t-shirts and place them on a flat surface to decide how you want your squares arranged.
6. To prepare the squares: Iron on fusible backing, being careful not to iron over any lettering, as it will melt. (NOTE: Backing comes in narrow widths~20" or so, you may want to base your square size on that width so you don't have to buy and waste a lot of it or piece it.)
7. Serge or stitch around the fused edges
8. Sew your squares into strips
9. Sew strips together to make quilt top
10. Piece backing together (if necessary). Mark centers of each side
11. Tape backing to floor
12. Place batting on top of it
13. Place quilt top on top of everything, matching center edges of quilt to center edges of backing
14. Pin baste
15. Quilt as desired
16. Stitch 1/4" around outside edge.
17. Apply binding. The maker said: "I cut my backing 1 1/2" larger all the way around, then pressed it in 1/2" and folded it over the stitched edge."

And that's it! How simple is that!?

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